Nerd heaven

I actually made it home from post-market Redmond in time to listen to “Says You” on KUOW. The show makes me feel not quite as clever as I fancy myself to be, but I dig their nerdy humor.

It was an odd day at the market. In the morning my brother said vendors were “drizzling” in. Indeed they were, as if to mirror the weather. Shoppers drizzled in as the day progressed. They were followed by a blustery afternoon. I can’t think of a better way to have tested out the pvc canopy weights Grant C. made for me. Yea!

Noel, of Noel’s Beautiful Life, popped by to say hi. Again, having an etsy shop entered into the conversation. I think If I ever do, I’ll start with my brother’s artwork. Maybe some scrabble tiles or cards that feature his paintings. So much to link about.

And Maddie popped by too. I was told there was some disappointment about my absence from the market last week, but I think the dolphin pendant I had waiting for her helped ease the pain.

This is short, so short, but I’ve a long week ahead of me. I’m eager to zone out just a little before picking up mom tomorrow and then heading to Beer Fest with the Eastside Ponders. It should be a good day.


p.s. Thank you, “Says You,” for teaching me that a tussie-mussie is small bouquet.

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  1. I really think you should open and Etsy store Stephanie. It might be easier than you think. Your pieces really are so great. BTW our giveaway is up. WOOT WOOT!

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