It’s been too long

This was my first weekend away form the Redmond Saturday Market. Even though I didn’t get out of bed until 8 a.m. yesterday–a Saturday rarity–I still woke up feeling a little sad. I really miss that place when I not there. And, I think my decision to take this week off resulted in my first market nightmare of the season. The highlight: None of my resin cured and was all gooey. I couldn’t believe I’d actually hauled it to the market with the intent of selling it.

It’s times like this, with so much to do, that I can’t help but think about the fairy tale “The Elves and the Shoemaker.” I love the idea of going to sleep only to find, upon waking, that everything has been done for me. So far they’ve yet to materialize, no matter how much there is to do. Sigh … a girl can hope, can’t she. Even if they just did a blog post now and then so that my page didn’t languish. Maybe the only kind of elves are the cobbler and Keebler varieties. (And heaven knows that Slinky has made it very clear that her only job is be look adorable and be loved.)

Even with the extra time at home, the weekend wasn’t nearly as productive as I’d hoped. That is, I did a lot, but can never seem to tackle the stacks of papers and piles of beads and beading supplies that make up the landscape of my living room. Today I made two batches of cookies—in one I used some of the Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter to avoid having to eat it all with a spoon. (Many thanks to for the recipe.) The barista at my local coffee shop helped out with the oatmeal I needed. I paid him in cash then gave him cookies on top of that. Total win-win situation.
Aside: the shop was hosting a block printing demo. I have to wonder if the Sizzix could be used to do small-scale block printing. I’ll have to look into that.

After the cookies there was laundry, resin, getting two orders ready to mail and more stripey clay bracelets. Someday I’ll be a wiz with clay. Babysteps … I did play with some neon colors. I wish I knew why I’m so enamored with neon these days.

Now I’ve got the self-clean action on the over going, laundry in the dryer and the dishwasher running. Sounds like a recipe for blowing a fuse. At least I know that with Slinky on my lap, it won’t be one of mine.


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  1. Hey Stephanie- sorry to hear that your weekend off was not all that you had hoped it would be. I hope that you at least feel a little more well rested.

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